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  • Иринланд Юра Юрген
    Иринланд Юра Юрген (о.Айрон , м. Хейли Хенди).
    Очень рада что моя собака именно из вашего питомника, отличная психика и характер!
    С уважением,
    Irinland Ralf Raider
    Hallo Tati

    I have attached some pictures from Ralf - yesterday 10 years old.

    My good old friend, the one I learned so much from......

    kind regards
    Enigma della Lungara and Evita Elise della Lungara
    Tatiana, I have been so lucky with Irinus' grandchildren! They are all very longevive, both Adrienne litters, del Conte Drago M and della Lungara E. Super dogs!! and Mia has a brother of Emma and Evita in Finland ;).
    Emma & Evita are today 10 years old!!!!
    Enigma della Lungara and Evita Elise della Lungara ( dam - ARIENNE DELLA LUNGARA- daughter of Irinus, sire - MAIDOL MARQUEZ DEL CITONE )
    They are little sisters to my Sara from the mother's side. Very healthy, longevive and crazy in a great way :). (who knows them... understands what I mean ;))

    Nicoletta Musilli
    21. 04.2011 Italy
    Irinland Chernaja Chaika - 6 Years!
    Сегодня Аюшке и её братикам исполняется 6 лет!
    Айка у нас молодчина! С ней можно и в огонь и в воду, она не подведёт - и нянька, и охрана и просто душа нашей семьи, да и любой компании куда она приходит :) . Как мы рады, что такое чудо пришло в наш дом! Да и на Айкиных деток мы просто нарадоваться не можем - любимые в своих семьях и прекрасные рабочие доберманы.
    Очень хочется пожелать всем нашим братикам и нашей Аюшке крепкого здоровья, долгих-долгих и радостных лет жизни! И спасибо вам и Катюше за наших любимых доберманов!
    Irinland Vega Vitara ( Finland)
    I wanted to write you greetings from Irinland Vega vitara "Tara"
    She is doing great. She is a elegant and smart girl and we love her so much.
    Tara has been so great with us :) we love her very much.

    sincearly Liisa & Tara
    Irinland Big Brother UK

    I am just writing to give you an update on "Irinland Big Brother" or Bruce as he is known to us. He was imported into the UK in early 2006.
    Bruce is the most incredible dog and certainly stands out from the crowd with his stunning looks, best of all though with our handsome boy is his fantastic temprament with all, while all the time being our faithful guardian. Bruce lives with us and our 5 other bitches (2 rhodesian ridgebacks, 2 English springer spaniels and one ridgeback x weimeraner), he is always really tolerant of puppies and children and really is the most fantastic dog!!
    He is in really good health and suffers no problems, he has the most amazing straight movement and in comparison to a lot of english Dobies looks to be perfectly proportioned.
    Many thanks for breeding a top quality dog and we shall defiantely look to you in the future when we decide to expand our Doberman pack, I enclose a couple of pictures of Bruce,

    very kind regards

    Irinland Nadin Nester
    Привет Вам из Израиля.

    У нас все хорошо, Надин подрос, здоров... мы очень им довольны и за это Вам большое спасибо.

    С уважением.

    26 Июн 2010
    Irinland Zhary Zarella
    Dear Tatiana, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to tell you that my beautiful Zhary has gone today to another world, she had 10 years and 3 months. She will be my love forever and I thank you so much for her ever, she was happiness of all the family.
    Many warm regards from Croatia.
    5 Jun 2010
    Irinland Babetta (Mexico)
    I buy you Babbeta few year ago, like 7 years ago. And I have having very nice time with her
    grandaughter from Irinland Eros Erato (USA )
    I have a grandaughter from Irinland Eros Erato on the dam's side and grandfather F'hiram-Abif Royal bell on the sire's side, great working drives with easy trainability along with alot of bone and substance. Talk to you soon. Julio."
    Irinland Makumba Mumba (Scotland ) 9/5 Years Old
    Makumba today she looks soooooooooooo young
    guard house, very good condition kept and never fat,no grey hair nothing

    First Stryk Way of the Warrior (USA)
    Hello Tatiana - my dog is a male. His name is Gabriel (First Stryk Way of the Warrior). He is 3 years old. The dam is Styx (Irinland Emili Ester) and the sire is Kobe Black Gong.

    I purchased Gabe to replace my older female who is my human remains detection dog. He will be certified this year to go on searches. So far he has passed 3 levels of testing. He is also a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) with the American Kennel Club and passed his WAE test with great scores the first time he took the test.

    He has a lot of his mother's qualities including his long legs. He does have his father's head.
    Maria Ciski
    Irinland Makumba Mumba
    here is makumba enjoying christmas with the family.
    soon i look to maybe get another female as makumba enjoys life and health.
    Excellent health with no problems at this age.

    pictures attached.

    regards Robin UK
    Irinland Makumba Mumba(Nitro del Rio Bianco - Irinland Belinda Bless)
    Irinland Fletcher (Russia)
    Thank you so much for this miracle you gave to us!!!
    Yours Elena, Andrey and Fletcher
    7 декабря 2009
    Irinland Fletcher (Italo Dei Due Intenti -Irinland Sharliz Sherri)

    Добрый день,Татьяна!
    Спасибо большое Вам и Екатерине,за то чудо,которое Вы нам подарили!!!
    С уважением,Елена,Андрей и Флетчер!
    7 декабря 2009
    Irinland Fletcher (Italo Dei Due Intenti -Irinland Sharliz Sherri)
    Елена г.Саратов и Захар
    Моё личное мнение - все-таки Ваш питомник "ИРИНЛАНД" - самый лучший!!! Я очень рада, что в моем добермане есть крови Дюшечки!
    С уважением Елена г.Саратов и Захар....

    Irinland Vega Vitara (Finland)
    Her character is also great, and she has charmed our trainers
    Спасибо Вам за Ваших замечательных доберманов
    Спасибо Вам за Ваших замечательных доберманов, кровь которых течет и в наших жилах.
    Амелия Юджин Блэк(ИНБОРН ФОРТУНА АЛЬКАЗАР (Иринланд Дюк Дюфер-Дива Виват Виктория из Грациано)X КВИНА КАСТАЛЛИЯ С БОЛЬШОЙ ВОЛГИ ( Смарт Вуд Хиллз Сенсанс - Черный Странник Велтрис винтер)
    Замечательная внучка получилась.
    Irinland Marcelle Mondial ( Finland)
    9 years old Irinland Marcelle Mondial today 27.10.2009.

    Thank you for this wonderfull boy!!!!

    best wishes
    Irinland Emili Ester (Styx ) USA
    Hi Tatiana -
    I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know that Styx
    (Irinland Emili Ester) was recently awarded a Letter of Commendation
    by the Fire Department for finding an individual who was killed in a
    house fire. The fire had burned overnight and had totally destroyed
    the home. It took Styx less than 60 seconds (43 seconds to be exact)
    to locate the victim. The firefighters on scene were very happy with
    her work and the fact that what she did saved them 3 days of digging
    through the rubble because she was able to pinpoint where the victim
    was located.

    Anyway, I thought I would pass on some of the things that Styx has
    been up to. I just wanted you to know how proud of her and happy with
    her we are!

    Hope all is well with you!

    Tiffany Mahaffey
    23 October 2009

    Irinland Lux Luther (India)
    Iriland Lux Luther `daughter - this is my ch mulity line up winner and she is best europen female doberman in india ,and she produce lote of champions. so any way this all progeny is from ur kennel irinland lux luther so any way he is god father for all european doberman

    raghu nagarajan
    Irinland Ignus Inkubus (Brazil)
    Therefore it already this with 8 years and way! It is wonderful and without a doubt the dog that changed our lives forever!

    Best Regards
    A enormous I hug
    Jennifer & Emerson

    Он с нами уже 7 лет. Он бесподобен и без сомнения изменил нашу жизнь навсегда!!!
    Irinland Shiva Shibuba
    Мы ВАС любим! Вот
    Little League s Diamond Way
    and greetings from Little League s Diamond Way, "Emma", from Finland!

    I just checked your Kennel s homepages, a lot of great pictures of great dogs! How beautiful is Emma s father Duc Dufer!!

    I hope you enjoy seeing some pictures of Emma.

    Best regards,
    Eveliina Forsblom
    Little League s Diamond Way (Irinland Duc Dufer -- Irinland Vilja Vienna)
    Irinland Chernaja Chaika
    Спасибо всему питомнику за наше чудо, за НЕОБЫКНОВЕННУЮ и любимую нашу Айку! Если бы вы знали, сколько любви, ласки и тепла она нам приносит! А с рождением Айкиных деток и с появлением в нашем доме её дочурки Зены мы обрели счастье вдвойне !

    С уважением,
    семья Пастуховых
    Irinland Elvis (Finland)
    SPASIBO Vam bolshoe za vse!!! Do ehali my horosho, bez problem! Elvis
    - tak my ego nazvali, prosto Zoloto!!!! Ushi stojat, no ja vse ravno
    podklejevaju! A eshe Elvis uze umeet sidet na meste i prosidsja guljat
    kogda emu nado!!! Hodi s nim na konjushju, loshadei ne ispugalsja,
    aprosto posmotrel i poshel dalshe!!!! Psihika SUPER!!!!!
    Ohen dovolna malyshom!!!! SPASIBO!!!!
    S uvazeniem Anna
    Елена Екатериничева
    Уважаемая Татьяна! Я Елена (ник Леночка), которая очень благодарна Вам лично и вашему сайту за найденную помощь. У нас умер почти 14-летний доберман Норман, и я нашла у Вас и моральную помощь, и практическую поддержку. Больше, чем от своей семьи... Одна из посетительниц Вашего сайта (Светлана Грачева) очень искренне мне помогла морально в первые дни после ухода Нормана, а когда у нее недавно тоже умер ее любимый Рэм, я стараюсь помочь ей взаимно. Так и переписываемся: обе ревем, обе рассказываем друг другу истории о своих доберманчиках, и ждем друг от друга писем. Светлана каждый раз вспоминает добрым словом питомник "Иринланд" и Вас. Не знаю, встретимся ли со Светланой когда-нибудь в реале (даже пока об этом не думали), но благодаря вашему сайту - уже дружим.
    Елена Екатериничева.
    Irinland Sunny Sky
    Irinland Sunny Sky, best Junior in Izrael, is on the cover of an online dog equipment catalogue. It is featured in the DVG US magazine and the USA Schuzhund magazine. Sky is a son of Duc Dufer. Sky is pictured biting the arm sleeve and shown in another photo with a tracking harness- very good exposure. I must tell my US Dobermann friends that Sky is from your kennel in Russia.
    Suzanne van Sickle
    Irinland Dzhager Dasko (France)
    Henriette is very happy of dasko.Today i talked with the trainer of Dasko and he said me it was a very good dog with an excellent character.

    kindest regards

    Jean-Philippe and Henriette
    Irinland Falcon Fighter (Норвегия)
    About Falco in the ring( outside the ring) it went well. It was one dog how got all the attention, And that was Falco

    everybody came over and talk , everyting from small children to old pepole. Falco is happy enny way. Hes a good dog . Hard as a rock in the head. everyone how meets Falco get`s jealous .

    There is so much good in he`s head. When he`s working and when he`s not.And he`s allways ready for action HEHE.
    Tom and Falco
    Irinland Ulysses Uriah (Germany)

    Happy New Year and the best of luck in '09.

    It´s great to see your fantastic dogs and I´m very happy to have "Ulysees Uriah" from your great kennel. Lys is fine and she is very lovely with our daughter. Lys has a great character and is like a mother to our baby. We are very proud.
    Thank you for this fantastic dog.

    Dear greetings

    10 January 2009
    Irinland Emili Ester(Styx)
    Hello Tatiana!
    This is Tiffany; I purchased Irinland Emili Ester (whom we call Styx) from
    you a couple of years ago. I can not even begin to tell you how pleased
    with her we are! She is an amazing dog with so much personality!
    She's doing very well as a search and rescue dog.
    We are SO proud and happy with her.

    Thank you again Tatiana for such a wonderful Dobermann!

    Tiff (USA)
    Irinland Renegada Ragdoll (Belgie )
    Hello Tatiana,

    It is a long time ago that I didn't give you news from Renegade. Just to say that everything is going perfectly with her. She had two wonderful litters and now she is retired from breeding.

    She spends her days with us and with our other dogs, eating, playing and sleeping - a real dog's live. We hope to keep her as long as possible as she is a fantastic dog.

    Hope you, your family and dogs are going well.

    Michele Hox
    Belgie 26 April 2008
    Ellen,Danny and Irinland Santa Stels (Philippines)
    Hello Tatiana

    Remember us still? Danny and Ellen. We're the proud owners of Santa Stels. She has now grown into a huge muscular dog since. We have 3 dobermanns now, one from the US, and another we bought from Germany (Bismark). But Olga (Santa Stels) remains my husband's favorite, while the german is our 7 yo daughter Yzabel's favorite.
    Olga has been trained by a military k-9 instructor for basic protection and guard work. But because of our schedules we were not able to participate in conformation shows.
    But all local dobermanns club members are aware of Olga, many has express their desire to have her puppies if we should decide to breed her.
    We have just moved back to Manila after more than 2 years staying in my mother's home province. We brought the 3 dogs along with us, and the dog's have tasted various foods like marlins, tunas, and other deep sea fishes.
    We thank you very much for giving us such a wonderful and healthy dog in Olga.
    Thank you so much
    Ellen and Danny
    The military k-9 trainer is very impressed with Olga. She has strong courage, full bite and does not let go of bite sleeve even when distracted or 'punished'.
    Thank you again for your assistance and my husband is very happy and proud of Olga. Congratulations for giving us such a fine dobermann.
    Our best regards to you and your family.

    Ellen and I are very impressed with the quality of your dog.

    When Ellen brought Olga to the vet's clinic for check up, a lot of people
    were very impressed with Olga's appearance. They cannnot resist asking
    Ellen, admiring and touching Olga. The vets were aso impressed. It is
    their first time to see a dobermann from Russia.

    Ellen has fallen in love with Olga. Olga stays in the house the whole day.
    She plays with everybody including Yzabel, our daughter.

    02 Дек 2004
    Irinland Fabulous Frosja and Donne ( South Africa)
    Hi Tatiana and Katja
    Frosja is enjoying her retirement in Sunny South Africa. She loves being a farm dog by day guarding the front yard and teaching the younger pups the rules. She is of course the "Madame" of the property and makes sure everyone knows it - its the look that counts - not the fights. Its Frosjas Rules only and they all seem to accept it.
    At night, she is the proverbial couch potato. I cant thank you enough for this beautiful dog, with the most charming character. Everyone that has met Fros, knows what a special girl she is. Frosja has made your Irinland Kennel very proud in South Africa.
    Donne Lucas
    Donnehaus Kennels - South Africa

    Frosja is the most wonderful dog I have. I love her
    temperament and her working ability.
    13 Дек 2004
    Alexia (Иринланд Райн Регман)
    Я являюсь счастливой "сестренкой" Иринланда Райна Регмана! И не смотря на то, что в выставках мы не участвуем, это любимец и баловень всей семьи! Спасибо за это чудо и успехов !!!
    Irinland Ignus Inkubus (Brazil)
    I also made photos of the Ignus with the Rene (our new son) and in these photos you it will be able to see as Ignus simply loves children...

    We only have to be thankful to him, therefore the Ignus was more of the one than the accomplishment of a dream, therefore it is complete, pretty, with a fantastic temperament and a wonderful friend :o))

    One Big Hug

    Jennifer & Emerson
    Елизавета - Иринланд Мирей Матье
    Уважаемые жители Хабаровска если мечтаете о собаке породы доберман то покупать собаку лучше ТОЛЬКО в ЭТОМ ПИТОМНИКЕ. В Хабаровске таких собак нет (кобелей). Они настолько красивы. Вот идете по улице и каждый прохожий обернется вам в след. А каждый ребенок тянет к ней руки. Владелица собаки Иринланд МИрей МАтье г. Хабаровск.
    lawrence sullivan (pittsburgh,pa. usa)
    i have a dog whose dam is irinland rantin raven\'cara (breeder ray carlisle).he is a very strong,healthy dode with good drive.i appreciate kennel and its comitment to the doberman. my dog appears to have inherited outstanding genes.good luck with your breeding program.
    Александр и Амадеус
    Пишет Вам счастливый хозяин Irinland Amadeus Apricot (RK Arbat Aldo-Irinland Josefina Jose), Александр. Хочу сказать Вам большое спаcибо, пес просто замечательный! Освоился у нас без проблем и, судя по его настроению и состоянию, очень доволен условиями содержания.
    18 июня 2007
    Tiffany and Irinland Emili Ester
    I purchased Irinland Emili Ester (we call her Styx now) a couple years ago from you. She is doing FABULOUS! Within a few more months, she'll be certified as a search & rescue dog here in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.
    Tiffany Mahaffey
    Disaster Preparedness Manager, National Outreach
    American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
    Оксана и Иринланд Черная Чайка
    Спасибо Вам за такую прекрасную собаку ! Смотришь на неё каждый день и глаз оторвать не можешь, как бежит красиво, как стоит гордо (уж она-то себе цену знает!)и даже играет, как огромная грациозная кошка. А про характер я и говорить не буду - о таких собаках только мечтать! СПАСИБО, здоровья Вам и всем близким!
    Оксана и Чайка
    Jolanta (Poland)
    Irinland Roksana Rikkel - 100 % perfect. She's just beautiful - perfect line, perfect movement, smart, non-agressive, knows when to give up, loves to work with the slieve, knows how to protect our house and at the same time she's a loyal and loving friend to us and to the rest of the human-dog-cat family. She's also very protective and good surrogate mother to our youngest doberman bitch.
    Roksana is defintely our BEST dog - she is simply excellent! Responsive, well behaved, she knows when to stop while playing, so it doesn't go too far, non-agreesive to her dog-family. She's the best with the slieve, light while jumping - generally trully wonderful - best ever!!
    Jolanta (Poland)
    Peter (Germany)

    Hi Tati
    it is some time ago since you heard from us, but live is passing by very
    fast and we are all in good shape. I travelled a lot with the boys during
    the last year. Yoda has become a monster, you can see that on the pictures.
    A lot of people asked me were the boys are from, because everybody says they
    are very different from the doberman these people know.

    It is no problem to handle them - Ralf is the leader of the dogs and I
    support him in this position, so everybody knows were he belongs to and
    there are no real problems. For my opinion dogs are much more social than
    humans, and you only have to look and learn to understand them.

    kind regards from Peter Ralf (Irinland Ralf Raider) Spock (son of Irinland Amand Ambassador) and Yoda (Irinland Bakingam)
    Оксана (Мурманск)
    ..Огромное Вам спасибо за нашу Айку, за Арюшку , которого недавно привезли в Мурманск из Иринланда ( Арес Аластор).
    У Вас замечаельный самый лучший питомник, потому, что в нем самые лучшие собаки, потому, что мне никогда еще не было стыдно за моего добермана и потому, что с уверенностью могу сказать , распространенное повсеместно мнение - "дибилман" - это не про наших собак, а точнее не про Ваших.
    Спасибо за Вашу кропотливую работу и за ту ответсвенность с которой Вы к ней подходите. С удовольствием отсылаем Вам наши фотографии. Надеемся, что их просмотр доставит Вам хотя бы маленькую часть той радости и удовольстия, которую мы получаем от наших собак.

    С огромным уважением

    Оксана, Василий, сын Владислав и Айка ( Иринланд Черная Чайка), Рита, Дима и Арюша ( Иринланд Арес Аластор)
    Иринланд Zita Zapphire (Швеция)
    We are very happy about Zita. She is so nice and friendly and very beautiful.

    Here mowes is also very good. We couldnґt get a better dog! The ears are now finally standing.

    In Denmark at the quaranteen they have never seen a more beautiful Doberman!
    Olle Randehed
    VIKTOR ALVARO (Mexico)




    Daniela (Germany)
    Lys (Irinland Ulysses Uriah) is fine, she has holiday every day an she is so happy. she is the best thing in my life . she is my crazy girl .

    dear greetings

    Dan & Annette (Denmark)
    Hi Tatiana

    We are very graceful that we got him (Irinland Leonidas) . He loves to work and he is perfect build and his temperament is 100% perfect.

    Best regards

    Dan & Annette
    Catherine and Carole Buchet (France)
    Zeus (Irinland Zeus Zethos) does more and more puppies abroad : England, Portugal, Belgium. He is a very good and nice boy and thank you very much for this. He squares exactly with what we want to and hope.

    Catherine and Carole Buchet
    Tiffany K. Mahaffey (USA)
    Hi Tatiana!
    Emili (Irinland Emili Ester) - or Styx as we now call her - is doing great!!!!
    She's also learning her scent work as a search and rescue dog VERY quickly and will be certified as a Human Remains Search and Rescue dog within the next 4 months.
    She's an amazing dog! Everyone loves her and is VERY, VERY impressed with her. She trains 5 days a week in both schutzhund and search and rescue work and has gotten a loyal following in our area.

    The woman saw Styx work and was VERY impressed and wanted a pup straight off.

    Tiffany K. Mahaffey
    Assistant Director - Emergency Management
    University of Kansas Medical Center Safety Office
    Uvaldo Gomez Vidal (USA)
    Hi Tatiana, Russo ( son of Irinland Duc Dufer) is doing just fine and I received his pedigree. Thank you very much for being honest with me and with sending me the puppy I wanted. Hopefully soon I will be able to get ready for another puppy. In the meantime I will inform people I know about your puppies. One thing is for sure, I will not buy from another breeder. I will only buy from Irinland.

    Keep in touch

    Uvaldo Gomez Vidal (USA)

    We waiting for responses by handlers our's dobermans to e-mail
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