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    Name:Irinus de Ferignis
    Place of birth:Schoenenbourg, France
    Sir:Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam
    Dam:Alina v. Groneland
    Date of birth:26.01.93
    Titles: International Champion
    Russian Champion
    German Champion
    Hungarian Champion
    Polish Champion
    Estonian Champion
    Work:SchH III
    ZTP:ZTP V 1A
    Graaf Quirinus
    v. Neerlands Stam
    Hertog Alpha
    v. Le Dobry
    Don Dayan v. Franckenhorst Bryan v. Forell
    Olive of Bamby's Pride
    Tanja v.d. Kunnemaborgh Candy v't Smeulveen
    Toba v. Haliwolwi
    Dea Dolores
    v. Franckenhorst
    Arrow v. Harrosberg

    Salvador v. Franckenhorst

    Vitesse v. Franckenhorst
    Vivre Vivien v. Franckenhorst Nimrod-Hilo v. Franckenhorst
    Medina dei Piani di Praglia
    Alina v't Groneland Baron Bryan
    v. Harro's Berg
    Baron Cesar v. Rensloo Alva v. Franckenhorst
    Bryanstam's Grafin-Graziedotter
    Vitesse v. Franckenhorst Nimrod-Hilo v. Franckenhorst
    Medina dei Piani di Praglia
    Kalina v. Norden Stamm Ebo v.d. Groote Maat Egor v.d. Eland
    Baroness Eva v. Rensloo
    Alida v. Flandrischen Lowen Ali v. Langenhorst

    Alexa v. Heiderhof

    Thank you Irinus

    (by Tatiana Kulachenko)

    On January 26th, 1993 in a small French town Schoenenbourg, near German boarder, in a well-known kennel "de Ferignis" puppies from Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam and Alina v.Groneland were born. According to the popular statement "to hit the bull's eye" the puppy that looked the most alike to his father was called Irinus in honour of his legendary sire - Quirinus. And when it was time to give out the puppies, breeders, Gerard and Sonya Gebus, weren't afraid to give the best puppy to strange and distant Russia.

    Irinus stood out among the dogs of the same age. He had features of a descendant of the noble birth. He belonged to the modern European type, he was aristocratic, clever, had an independent character. Irinus was strong and well-built as his father. He was notable for his strong bones, elegance, noble body line and beautiful head with dark eyes and strong jaws. Many breed experts and famous judges said that his head was one of the most beautiful and correct among modern Dobermanns. And it couldn't be different; especially taking into consideration the very fact that best bloodlines of great ancestors (of Sir's and Dam's pedigrees) were concentrated perfectly in him.
    Irinus's Sir - International Ch., multi Ch, IDC-DV-Sieger- SchHIII legendary Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam was a main successor of a very strong blood line -line of Hertog v. Le Dobry - Don Dyan-Bryan v. Forell, that was a descendant of the very first Dobermanns and at the same time Irinus was a descendant of a noble blood line -Vivre-Vivien v. Franckenhorst -Dea Dolores v. Franckenhorst - Dam of Quirinus. Quirinus was peaceful-charactered and possessed very good working abilities that allowed him to pass SchH III. Quirinus got many prizes at shows, became an outstanding stud dog.

    Alina v.Groneland

    Graaf Quirinus v. Neerlands Stam
    Dam of Irinus - brown Alina "Line" von't Groneland - was a descendant of a brilliant couple: Baron Bryan v. Harro's Berg and Kalina v. Norden Stamm. Show career of Alina wasn't so successful as the ones of her parents, but Alina inherited their perfect conformation and character. In spite of her not very bright show career, Alina gained other, more valuable titles - she passed IPO III tests. Alina passed French (TAN-suitable for breeding) and German (ZTP) tests.
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