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    Ch. Iron Tanga Cobra Igor Cobra Ch.Bakho Royal Bell
    Ch. El Ninjo Casa di Oz Magnus Gebranten Wallde Kenth Kushi v.Diaspora
    Ch. Livonijas Baron Aik Iringold Ch.Radz Elsan Haus Imidz
    Best sons-champions of Irinus are excellent successors of their father at shows and competitions:
    • in Russia: Ch.Kafka Kuschan v.Diaspora with Dina Delila v.Diaspora
      Ch.Graaf Gabor de Valverde with Ebony v. Norden Stamm
      Ch. Escobar Casa di Oz with Baronessa Zova Renewal
      Chesfalto Hari Luka with Virdzinia Busar
    • in Mexico - Elias Casa di Oz
    • in the USA and Sud Africa: Ch. Cara's Skeeter with Cara's Red Hot and Sizzling
    • in Germany: Ch.Kelijon Kenaz v. Diaspora
    • in Yugoslavia: Ch. Iron Tanga Cobra, Igor Cobra with Indi Cobra
    • in Cratia: Ch.Bakho Royal Bell with Puma Royal Bell
    • in Portugal: Ch.Cyrus' Afe da Casa Milheiro with Evita de Casa Milheiro
    • in Italy - El Ninjo Casa di Oz
    • in France: Magnus Gebranten Wallde, Kenth Kushi v.Diaspora
    • in Latvia: Ch. Livonijas Baron Aik Iringold with Gloda Vait Leik
      Ch.Radz Elsan Haus Imidz in kennel "Haus Imidz"
    • and others
    Ch. Chesfalto Hari Luka Ch. Tara Ziolotaya Dinastia Ch. Kelion Kenaz and Ch. Wanja Wandor
    Son of Irinus - Magnus Gebrantenwalde (France) on the left, with owner Herve Blosh and
    actors of the film by Luc Besson "Yamakasi". These two dobs took part in this film.
    In honour of Irinus our kennel was named "Irinland". In it were born and grew up World Ch, Int.Ch.; Rus.Ch.; National Club Ch.; Ch.National Clubs and Ch. of such countries as Germany , France, Italy, Portugal, France, Spain, USA, Yugoslavia, Austria, Hungary, Poland, Estonia, Tailand, India, Mexico, Belarusia, Moldova, Georgia, and others"

    It's impossible to mention all deserved descendants of Irinus in this article. But it is very important that Irinus remained his own trace in the breed. Breeders are satisfied with descendants' characters, although some Dames, whith whom Irinus was mated, had unstable nervous system. Most of Irinus descendants inherited his working abilities and judges noted it quite often.

    Irinus left his trace in Russian breeding, he happened to be at the beginning of it and its results can be seen in the World Dobermanns rings.

    Irinus has gone, but he isn't forgotten and we still get letters like this one that came a few days ago:

    "I live in the US. I'm a member of the UDC and Greater Washington DC Schutzhund Group. I let
    a friend see picture of your Irinus. He is now "head over heels in love" with your Irinus........Tim"

    Real breed admirers and even strangers couldn't stay indifferent when they saw Irinus. He was followed with rapturous glances and it helped to change general opinion about the breed. Irinus was a bright, unforgettable member of the breed. In the history of the breed there are lots of beauty Champions and holders of important titles, but Irinus keeps his own place and keeps charming people with his beauty of a strong and courageous Dobermann.

    Tatiana and Irinus
    "Thank you Irinus"

    article by Tatiana

    Text can be reprinted only with
    written permission of the author
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