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Daria Mocek

...Your magazine is also the best from all. I am waiting for new issue and will be following your dogs results with excitement!

Daria Mocek

Gaida Helandi

I am ovner of joung dobermann( Yacheeros Dago-Daganzo whos father is Jivago v.het Wantij)from Estonia. I love joy internet side and read jou magazine. Grete job ! Who reali loves dobermann , write me obout jou dobermann. I understand russian.

Gaida Helandi

Great work for the breed ! Your magazine is a realy impressive one ! Luck and success in the future!


Mlarianna Kuipers-Kossen

my mind, Russian magazine is one of the best among those which I've seen.

Mlarianna Kuipers-Kossen
Dobermann-Kennel v.Diaspora

George Elia, George loannidis

Congratulations on your 5th year of continuous success!!!

As a regular of your magazine, I am taking this opportunity to wish for an even greater success for the years to come.

I must admit that your magazine is very informative and very useful, with interesting articles that bring us closer to a man's best friend.

It is also remarkable that some of your articles are also in the English language and thus reaching people all over the world. Once again wishing you the very best for the years to come.

George Elia, George loannidis

Alojz Purgaj

Best wishes on your 5th anniversary!

Not only the lay-out, but the kind and the variety of the stories in the Dobermann magazine is the best of the Dobermann world.

The information, advice and tips you give for breeders are very useful to me since I'm breeding dobermann dogs myself. But I would hope for more stories in English.

For me as a Dobermann fan, I could not imagine being without the Dobermann magazine. I wish you strength and joy for your precious work for the good Dobermann. Thank you,

your fan Alojz Purgaj
v. Jahrestal kennel, Germany

Slobodan Maksimovic

...On my opinion your magazine is the Best magazine about dobermann in the world

Slobodan Maksimovic
the publisher of the Yugoslavian Dobermann magazine, Dobermann kennel Betelges

Laurentius Suliadi

Congratulations and happy 5th year anniversary!

This magazine is great and managed professionally by people who truly understand and know Dobermann.

It is the best European Dobermann magazine that I know. It would be better if you add more articles in English.

Laurentius Suliadi
Dobermann specialist Judge and breeder,

Mr. Pipat Suriyaprapadilok

Congratulations on 5 years jubilee to our favourite Dobermann magazine.

May I use this opportunity to compliment you on the excellent work you have put in to make the best Dobermann magazine a success.

Thank you for your effort and time you have sacrificed throughout these 5 years that make every Dobermann lover in the world have one common goal - our Dobermann.

Once again, thank you very much for everything you have done for our Dobermann world and for myself. With best wishes to you and every staff.

Mr. Pipat Suriyaprapadilok
Secretary General of The Real Dobermann Friends Society,

J.M. v.d. Zwan

The oldest Dobermann kennel van Neerlands Stani. Likes to congratulate the editorial staff of the Russian magazine Dobermann with the celebration of their 5-year jubilee and with the high quality this magazine has reached in the past 5 years. It developed in a very interesting Dobermann Magazine for Dobermann Lovers and is certainly a great force in the development of our favorite breed, our Dobermann.

J.M. v.d. Zwan

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