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  • Question:
    Hi Tatiana, i want to thank you for all your help, i just made from pepsi
    bottle plastic forms that fit in his ear.
    i send you photos
    i have made wrong ears i admit that, when i bought my Dobermann from Ardens
    i asked and said many times that i dont know anything about ears and need
    Daniele from Ardens said, dont worry i will have contact with you evey week
    and guide you so everything will be perfekt.
    after 10 days when i got him i already saw the diference in ears, alot of
    people here, doberman lovers say that ears are bad made.
    It is hard to see that in photos but when you see My Dex you can see that
    other ears is thinner and different cut.
    Ardens helped me first month but after i send then alot of photos of Dex
    ears they answered.
    we will help you with ears, sometimes vets make small misstakes but when Dex
    grow it will not be any problem we have to wait 1 year.
    After 1 year and during the last 10 months i have recieved 2 E-mail. 1
    E-mail 10 months ago when he promissed to help me with Dex ears and 2 months
    ago when i said i wanted to get 1 monre puppy.

    im not angry at Ardens i just need help, does not help to be angry just want
    my dog to have nice ears.

    once again, thank for your help

    best regards Jani & Dex

    Hi Jani
    Dont worry, relax - now think that you want to make all the best for your dobi. of course he is old enoughf but you can make all your best for him and, in my opinion, you need to make such tapes about 1 month, than we will see result. Please dont forget to chage tapes every 5-6 days and give a little rest for ears - half a day (or night). If you have wound, any cut from tapes or red places with blood in the skin - dont make tape, ears need recover skin.
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